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Ep 37 – Until Dawn Spoilercast w/Steimer!

NOTE: WE SPOIL UNTIL DAWN IN THIS PODCAST. Also there are a few bits of audio that got static/echo for unknown reasons, so I tried to lower the volume at those parts to not hurt your ears.

Episode 37. September 12th, 2015. Special guest and friend of the show Kristine Steimer from Steimer Says joined us to chat about Until Dawn. Until Dawn is a PS4 Exclusive from Supermassive Games and it’s a campy horror movie turned game. While we all enjoy the game, there are some questionable choices in game that have us a little confused.

Shoutouts: Supermassive Games – The Developers of Until Dawn

Steimer! Find her on YouTube / Twitter / Twitch / Website

Again, big thanks to Kristine for being on the cast with us, and we hope you enjoyed our Until Dawn discussion. Enjoyed it? Feel free to give us a subscribe on iTunes, follow us on twitter, twitch, and YouTube as well!


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