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20XX Out of Alpha, Now in Beta on Steam!

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20XX, the Roguelike Mega-Man co-op game is officially out of Alpha! Heading into the Beta, a number of changes and upgrades to the game have been made. Since my experience with in in Early Access on steam, I’ve been able to play through several variations of the levels as both characters, with varying rates of success (aka I died a lot). The game feels and plays like Mega Man X and Classic, with an updated feel. 

What’s more, the game has daily challenges and co-op mode. So you can grab a buddy and place as one of the two characters (one who is much like X and another who has a sweet energy sword attack) as you make your way to the boss battle. Another thing that’s rad about this game: Level Design. It’s procedurally generated, but because there aren’t nearly as many limitations as we had with NES and SNES cartridges, the levels progress smoothly, with some basic platforming areas and then usually some more difficult parts which require you to be much more nimble with your jumps and wall jumps to successfully cross. When you start a run you don’t necessarily start on the same level, and after each boss you get to choose the next boss you face. This adds more of a dynamic because while you might be able to memorize some of the level design, you won’t have complete control over how the levels progress. This makes single player experiences far more unique for runs and co-op experiences far more fun.

I did a one level run and put it up on youtube, feel free to check it out below

The game is going into Alpha mode on steam and is available for $14.99 –> Steam Store Page

Developer: BatteryStaple Games

-Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)