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ZergID Makes Guild Management Easy

ZergID is an MMORPG management website, and it’s growing fast. Basically, ZergID acts to help consolidate your MMO game profiles into one place, so you can quickly and easily connect with your guilds, raid groups, and friends across multiple games. It makes organizing group events easier, and also saves you the trouble of searching multiple forums and websites if you’re just trying to find a group to get into a game with.

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Currently in Beta, the system shows promise having an estimated 9,000 players active during alpha testing. The beta also has an iOS and Android platform as well to help guild management on the go. This would be super helpful for those trying to manage raid/guild groups across multiple MMORPG games, and save tons of time with a mobile app that gives you notifications on the go.

Are you an MMO player? Might want to get your guild to check this out, especially if you’re all playing across multiple games.

ZergID Website | ZergID Twitter

Source: Bohle PR

-Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)