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Post PAX East 2015 Catch-Up

I know I haven’t written much about PAX East for the DGCast, but fear not; I wrote a whole bunch of “First Look” pieces over at RadioPlayStation. I figured I’d give you a small write up about the games I saw at PAX and a small quip about what I think of them. Let’s go!

A list of some of the games I saw:

Induction (in development on PC) – A very neat Echochrome style puzzle game. Definitely a brain challenger, but also a nice game to play and relax as well.

Lost Orbit (Coming to PS4/Steam) – This one’s a whole bunch of fun. Think Velocity Ultra but you’re a little space man and you’re probably going to die a lot.

Axiom Verge (Coming to PS4) – Unfortunately I didn’t get hands on with this, but watching other people play it looks like a mashup of Castlevania, Metroid, and Contra and I cannot wait. I love retro inspired games and this one hits dead on.

Jump Jet Rex (Steam) – I already wrote about this on TheDGCast before but it needs repeating that this is a wicked fun game. I’m not one for speed runners but this game has great music, crazy level design and a kick ass dinosaur.

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Runbow (WiiU) – This game allows for NINE (9) players at once. It’s very colorful and tons of fun. You’ve gotta race your friends to the end while platforming your way without dying. It’s like a running MarioKart but with way more colors and as a 2d platformer.

Shovel Knight DLC (WiiU/3DS/Steam) – The new DLC for Shovel Knight is a lot of fun. Another retro 8-bit styled game that simply proves that old games STILL hold candles to all the 60fps 1080p games of today.

The Swindle (XB1/PS4/PSVita) – It’s being published by Curve which means it’ll be multi-platform, so you’ve no excuse not to check it out. It’s procedurally generated robbery. Using a set of tools in a steampunk-esque world, sneak in, steal money, get out. Just don’t fall on the spike traps or try and defuse a mine.

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Stealth Inc. 2 (PS3/PS4/PSVita) – Another Curve game, Stealth 2 expands on the first game by adding to the level design and tools used to get through everything. If you liked Stealth 1, Stealth 2 will not disappoint.

Viking Squad (Steam/PS4) – This is a fun traditional lane-based linear fighting game (think old school TMNT games) but with modern stylings. It’s got a level system and you’re Vikings so basically you loot, plunder, and beat up everyone! It’s awesome!

Titan Souls (Steam/PS4) – Super hard. You’ve got 1 arrow and can’t take any damage. The entire game is big boss battles and you’ll need to use your wits to stay alive and slay the bosses. Love the art style, and the gameplay is good. Definitely will check this out when it hits PS4.

That’s a short list. I checked out a whole bunch of games and everytime I stop and think about it I forget to mention one. But I said it last year and it’s no different: Indies always kill it at PAX. The amount of indie presence at pax seems to get bigger every year and it’s awesome to see the types of unique games that are coming out that otherwise we might miss out on. It should be noted that the consoles listed next to each game is based on websites and discussions had with the devs. Many of these games are still in the works and haven’t come out yet. But hey, all the more reason to check out their websites and show them some support!

There are also a TON of games I didn’t happen to get to, so if you saw something cool at PAX and want us to know about it, TWEET US!

-Written by Andrew (@SoAfterISaid)