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Going To PAX East? We Hope To See You There!

Greetings podcast-ees? Are you podcast-ees if you listen to the podcast, cause I assume you are a podcast-er if you do podcasts. Hmmmm…anyways!

pax east, pax 2015, pax boston, pax east 2015, pax convention, penny arcade expo, pax gaming,

PAX EAST 2015 is just DAYS away, and Andrew (@soafterisaid) of the Disconnected Gamers Podcast you’ve [hopefully] heard/listened to/know about will be there. He will be playing all sorts of games, high fiving all sorts of people, and probably engaging in some friendly shenanigans with some industry friends and maybe even you!

Andrew will be recording some various interviews and chats with people on the show floor and elsewhere during the convention, so there may be a bunch of posts to the website and our iTunes Podcast over the PAX show. Feel free to keep it to the twitter @TheDGCast, bookmark the website, or subscribe to our podcast on iTunes to be in the know.

Thanks again for all your support, and if you happen to be going to PAX you should tweet Andrew and let him know!

-The Disconnected Gamers Podcast