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Super Galaxy Squadron. GET IT TODAY

For those of you who don’t already follow Dave Oshry on twitter, he’s a pretty rad dude. He also has a video game that came out today. Super Galaxy Squadron, secretly (or perhaps deviously concealed) released today, on the morning of PAX South’s first opening.

super galaxy squadron, steam game, new blood interactive, bullet hell, top down shooter space game,

Lots of things going on at PAX South, and this game should definitely be on your list. Bullet hell, retro styled, killer music. Also, as awesome as the game is, it gets better. All proceeds are being donated to charity which is hardcore. Check out the steam page for Super Galaxy Squadron, and also read a little bit more from the Evolve PR press release:

“Presenting the debut title from New Blood Interactive: Super Galaxy Squadron!

Super Galaxy Squadron is a space shmup that is NOT a bullet hell and it is NOT hardcore unless you choose for it to be hardcore, so you won’t be dying and getting shamed at the arcade by the big kids (jerks!).

It’s got 14 playable ships and 6 stages with unique enemies and bosses with a kickin’ rad old school soundtrack by Random Encounter.

There’s also Endless Mode and full controller support so you can get your gamepad on and play forever.

AND it’s only $7.99 with a 15% launch week discount and all proceeds are going to Child’s Play. “

Basically, go watch the video, and when you pick up all the pieces of your head after it explodes in excitement, go to steam and buy it. Also you should probably follow New Blood Interactive on twitter.

Source: Evolve PR | Dave Oshry’s Twitter

-Written by Andrew