Ep 6 – Destiny DLC, PlayStation Experience, and a Special Guest!

Episode 6 – December 3rd, 2014. Following the PlayStation Experience, we saw a TON of gaming content being released by way of demos at the PSX, video reveals and teasers from PSX and the Game Awards (which we didn’t even end up talking about on the cast), there was a TON to talk about. We ran long (over an hour) but it’s pretty good discussions about the failures of the new Destiny DLC and also talking about all the cool new games we’re going to be seeing in the future. Special guest was CJ, The Hug of War, a good friend of ours who does a lot of LBP stuff but also streams games regularly on his twitch channel.


CJ, our special guest – @thehugofwar

Acdramon, Baghead, and Vex Dopple (links to twitter) for their work in LBP that was showcased in a PlayStation video during the PSX.

Our final shoutout is to @ChariotGame which is an awesome side scrolling puzzle platformer. It was free on Xbox Games for Gold and is available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It’s really a fun game designed as a couch co-op so grab a buddy and get that Chariot rolling!